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Our Story

Founded by us (Umer and Maria), Tosha Dibba is inspired by our love for traditional and home-cooked foods. Our idea started during the pandemic when we began to miss the traditional flavours and dishes from back home and so we began experimenting with bottling and recreating  recipes from our previous generation. We picked the best spices and the most authentic recipes to come up with something for everyone in our range of chutneys, sauces and salans (curries). We think you’ll love them. 

Originally, the word ‘Tosha’ comes from the Swahili language meaning satisfaction and this is what we aim to achieve in all our products. More recently, the word ‘Tosha’ is used as an Urdu word and refers to a tiffin box full of different foods similar to a packed lunch. The word ‘Dibba’ is also an Urdu word referring to a box. Combined it forms Tosha Dibba - a box full of satisfaction. 

Our food is a massive part of our heritage and something that we’re immensely proud of. That’s why all of our dishes have been passed down from generation to generation along with some of our own improvements to create the range we’re selling today. Every one of our products is hand-made and cooked to perfection each and every time to create the authentic taste of our ancestors. We pack every order with immense love and can’t wait for you to experience the real taste of homemade, authentic dishes from the comfort of your own home.

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